11 Preschool Crafts for Grandparents’ Day

Celebrate the cherished bond between your preschoolers and their grandparents with these 11 delightful crafts tailor-made for Grandparents’ Day!  

From handprint keepsakes to personalized photo frames, these crafts not only foster creativity but also create lasting memories. Celebrate National Grandparents' Day with these preschool crafts that double as heartfelt gifts and tokens of love. 

Mail a Hug 

Whether their grandparents live down the street or across the country, kids can mail a hug for Grandparents Day. This sweet craft incorporates fine motor skill practice and learning how to mail a letter.   

Handprint and Footprint Flower and Vases 

How about a bouquet of flowers that will never wilt? This handprint and footprint flower and vase can get a little messy when kids are making it—but that’s half the fun. Not only is this a great sensory craft, but teachers can connect this craft to lessons about a plant's life cycle.  

Flower Cards 

There’s no need to buy a card when your preschoolers can make and personalize a card for their grandparents. These printable cards are super sweet and a perfect way for your preschoolers to show appreciation for the grandparents in their lives. 

Papier Mache Bowl 

There are certain crafts that grandparents will keep forever and this papier mâché bowl is definitely a keeper. Collect newspaper from the recycling bin and create a mixture of equal parts flour and water to get started. Your students can practice their cutting skills as they snip strips of the newspaper (tearing the paper works too) and when it’s time to construct the bowl, this sensory craft helps with planning and fine motor skills.   

Silly Sentences 

Here’s how to make every grandparent giggle, swoon, and even LOL— help preschoolers fill in the blanks to make silly sentences about their grandparents. Your preschoolers will use their early reading and communication skills to come up with the answers. Be sure to let the kids decorate the paper before they give this special gift.   

Thumbprint Bookmark 

Here’s the perfect gift for a grandparent who loves to read! To make the thumbprint bookmark all you need is construction paper, paint, string or a fuzzy stick, and of course your preschooler's thumbs. Another great craft that helps develop fine motor skills as well as taps into their creativity.  

Guess Whooo Loves You Card 

Tucked inside this construction paper owl’s wings is a sweet surprise—a picture of your preschooler. This Guess Whooo Loves You Card helps preschoolers work on scissor cutting, following directions, and letter writing. (Planning tip: This craft does take some extra planning on and supplies.)   

Love-You-to-Pieces Frame 

Turn an adorable picture of your students and a craft stick frame into an unforgettable keepsake with the Love-You-To-Pieces frame. Preschoolers can work on their fine motor and planning skills as they attach each puzzle piece to the frame.   

Gold Medal Grandparent 

The most special grandparents deserve a gold medal for being the absolute best. This simple craft is easy enough that students can make one for all of their grandparents.   

Handprint Ornament 

Salt dough ornaments are easy to make, only require a few items, and create a lasting memento that grandparents will treasure forever. It’s also the perfect way to capture your preschoolers' tiny handprints before they get any bigger.  

Tissue Paper Suncatcher 

This tissue paper suncatcher is easy to make and grandparents can proudly display their preschoolers' gift in any window. Plus, it’s a great activity for color recognition and fine motor skills. Be sure to use bright-colored tissue paper so that it really stands out! 

About the Author:

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