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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Shipping

What is your return policy?

How is shipping calculated?

When will I receive the curriculum?

How can I make changes to my order, shipping address, or payment method?

How is tax calculated?

What is preschool curriculum?

What is a creative curriculum for preschool?

Preschool With a Purpose

How many people can use the digital portal?

What do we need to purchase to use the preschool curriculum the second year and beyond?

If materials meant for long-term use get lost or damaged, can we order replacements?

Can I try the preschool curriculum before I purchase it?

Can I customize the number of pieces to support larger or smaller preschool class sizes?

Are Highlights books or other Highlights materials for our classroom libraries included with Highlights Preschool With a Purpose?

What is the best preschool curriculum for me?

Any tips on how to create a pre-k curriculum?


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