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  • One-week teacher’s guide, with a step-by-step plan, overview of core topics and activities, songs, and materials to gather lists (1)
  • Weekly theme templates feature teacher-led activities and child-directed STEAM activities. (10)
  • Circle Time cards for morning welcome and afternoon reflection cover weekly core activities (19)
  • Learning Lab cards, with play-based small-group activities. (16 for the week)
  • Family Newsletter, keeps grown-ups at home engaged with their child’s learning experience
  • Tell-Me-More wristbands for grown-ups at home to ask their child about the week’s lessons (24)

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Discover just how easy it can be to create the high-quality educational environment you strive to achieve. Get one week of our preschool curriculum for free and see for yourself.

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Our flexible themed materials and lessons allow teachers of all experience and skill levels to quickly get classrooms up and running!

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Feel confident in a curriculum that is standards-aligned, research-based and always age-appropriate.

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Curriculum can be quickly adapted to each student’s learning level and interests, inspiring students and giving parents confidence in your center’s program.

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Ready-to-go planning materials help your teachers map out the week in a flash, meaning less time spent on prep and more time focused on students.

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Highlights has 75-plus years of experience in supporting child-led learning.