20 Fourth of July Crafts for Preschoolers

Fourth of July celebrations are packed with fireworks, American flags, and plenty of summer fun. So, when it’s time to get crafty in the classroom with your preschoolers for the Fourth of July–you’ll want to bring out the best red, white, and blue crafts.  

From bald eagles that really fly, to the coolest fireworks displays kids can make on paper, to keepsake flags your preschoolers will be proud of, here are 20 of our favorite Fourth of July crafts for preschoolers.   

Little boy laying in grass with American flag.

Stars and Stripes  

This is a craft your students will love making and playing with all summer long. To make sparkle bottles, you’ll need just a few supplies. (Note: While these instructions call for glycerin, you can swap glycerin for vegetable oil or baby oil, and you can DIY the confetti with construction paper.)     

You’ll want to decorate your classroom with these coffee filter stars. If you don’t have coffee filters on hand, paper towels or tissue paper will work in a pinch.   

With this Fourth of July Hat, preschoolers can practice their cutting and gluing skills during craft time. When it’s time to celebrate the holiday, kids will have a festive hat to wear for America’s birthday.   

Skip the paint brushes and let kids create the stars and stripes in a unique way. You’ll need a few large building bricks and paint for the brick painted flag. This project is a great sensory activity too.  

Using their handprints, your preschoolers can make their very own personalized American flag. All you’ll need is paint, paper, scissors, and a few sets of tiny hands.    


Turn fuzzy sticks into festive pieces of jewelry with these firework rings. Since fireworks come in every color–so can these rings. Plus, this is a fun craft to wear outside of the classroom! 

Sparklers on the Fourth of July are so much fun, but they aren’t designed for little hands. Good thing these DIY confetti poppers are perfect for preschoolers.  

Transform straws and paint into a firework explosion. This craft takes just a few minutes to set up and helps preschoolers with their fine motor skills.   

We love a popsicle stick craft, and this version of a firework is simple to make and perfect for a classroom display.   

Salt painting creates a unique 3-D effect. Use black paper to make salt painted fireworks this Fourth of July.   

Patriotic Preschoolers  

Once kids are done making these  flying eagles, take your class outside to watch their eagles fly!   

Show Lady Liberty some love with this Statue of Liberty DIY crown and torch. You’ll need to assist your preschoolers with the cutting, but the end results are adorable.   

Line the windows of your classroom with these lovely patriotic suncatchers. With a few scraps of paper, tissue paper, and plastic wrap, your kids will have a piece of art they can show off every summer.   

These adorable bald eagle crafts use felt pieces and googly eyes, but you can swap those out for construction paper and markers to simplify the craft.   

These Fourth of July rockets can be made entirely out of upcycled materials and will be fun during outside play. Ask your students to blast off and run as fast as a rocket.   

STEAM Crafts   

Mixing baking soda, vinegar, and a few drops of food color makes the perfect explosion for these fireworks. The best part of these  fizzing fireworks   is that your kids can enjoy them right in the classroom!    

Help kids make these DIY patriotic bubble wands, and then take the wands for a test drive outside. If you add a few drops of red or blue food coloring to the bubble solution, kids can blow bubbles onto paper and take home both the wand and their bubble painting.   

These firework straw rockets are simple to make, but the real fun starts when you take kids outside to let their fireworks fly!  

A red, white and blue ice melting activity is easy to clean up and perfect for helping kids cool off on a hot July day.  

Mix sensory play with art and let kids squish, squash, and paint after making foam fireworks. This one gets messy but it’s so much fun.   

About the Author:

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