A joyful young girl at school smiling and raising her hand against a purple background with playful geometric shapes, embodying the essence of play based learning.

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Preschoolers Are Obsessed with Dinosaurs- Here's Why
Prehistoric play can spark an interest in science. Here’s why preschoolers are obsessed with dinosuars. 
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12 Summer Themes for Preschool
Here are 12 inviting and exciting summer themes for preschool to keep the fun and learning going during those sunny days.  
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How to Leverage Preschool Art Projects for Play-Based Learning
Here are 15 preschool play-based learning art projects that pique a child’s interest and answer some of their “Why?” questions!  
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What Are the Benefits of Learning Through Play?
Play-based learning is an essential part of a child’s well-being and development, encouraging healthy cognitive, personal, and interpersonal growth. 
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Highlights Preschool With a Purpose

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Highlights Preschool With a Purpose