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Preschoolers Are Obsessed with Dinosaurs- Here's Why
Prehistoric play can spark an interest in science. Here’s why preschoolers are obsessed with dinosuars. 
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12 Summer Themes for Preschool
Here are 12 inviting and exciting summer themes for preschool to keep the fun and learning going during those sunny days.  
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20 Fourth of July Crafts for Preschoolers
Fourth of July celebrations are packed with fireworks, American flags, and plenty of summer fun. When it’s time to get crafty with your preschoolers for the Fourth of July–you’ll want to bring out the best red, white, and blue crafts.  
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11 End-of-the-Year Preschool Activities
It’s finally here—the end of the preschool year! While some preschoolers are jumping for joy, others might be feeling nervous...
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Highlights Preschool With a Purpose

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Highlights Preschool With a Purpose